Artist, Author, Speaker, Culture Bearer, Herbalist & Seer!

Nya:wëh sgë:nö’

Seneca greeting “I am thankful you are well”

My name is Kaycee Colburn and I am Haudenosaunee, Seneca, wolf clan. I am a culture bearer, helping
to preserve the traditional art of beadwork. I learned how to do beadwork from my mother June
Jimerson who was taught by my great grandmother Cynthia Jimerson of the Onoville/Steamburg area in Western NY. As an artist I also enjoy working with paints, soft oil pastels, lipsticks and other mediums and art forms. I enjoy being creative and working in the paranormal genre as much as I enjoy working with contemporary and traditional designs. I currently have a piece titled “The Crying Woman” at the Seneca Cultural Center in Salamanca, NY. She is painted entirely out of lipstick and is made to bring awareness for the “MMIW” movement . I also have a piece titled “Slime” at ART24/7 in Lockport NY.
This piece is a contemporary beadwork necklace
set, inspired by the movie “Ghostbusters “. I am honoured to be an in-house artist for Jamestown Community College along side another artist, through the Creatives Rebuild NewYork grant program where I was one of 300 artists to be selected out of 2500 applicants! Through this grant I will be able to take part in some really amazing projects that will help strenghten the relationship between the Haudenosaunee and Jamestown NY communities.
Within the paranormal genre I have worked as an Author of a published book called “A Witchlings
Grimoire”, paranormal investigator, tour guide, reenactment actress for a show called “Death Walker”,
podcast host of a show called “Cauldron Talk with Kaycee Colburn, Psychic, Seer, Herbalist, and

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My mission

My goal is to help preserve the tradtional arts of my ancestors, I am on a life time journey of learning the many forms of art that the Haudenosaunee culture is rich of. Including different styles of design, beadwork, ribbon skirts, pottery, basket weaving, cornhusk, and bone/antler carvings. Along with furthering my own craft, I aspire to make it accesible for other natives and non-natives to learn about and appreciate these amazing art styles, both tradtional and contemporay. I also want to promote and give proper representation in the media, including the paranormal field.

Previous work

Some of these PIECES ARE ON DISPLAY, These ARE not FOR SALE.

The Bead Master

I thought of the name “The Bead Master” not because of ego, but because I’m a nerd and it reminds me of the show “The Beast Master.”

Find me on Facebook: @TheBeadMasterKay

My beadwork is done using size 11/0 seed beads. These are done by hand, using techniques passed down from generation to generation. Traditional Seneca beadwork is typically flat, geometrical designs that tell a story. I create a blend of traditional and contemporary pieces. Seneca people have been using Czech glass seed beads since the mid-1500s and have been making similar pieces with other materials like shells, seeds, clay, wood, bone, and quills since the early 1200s.

The Crying Woman. She is done completely in lipstick! She was made to bring awareness to the Murdered Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW). She is on display at the Seneca Cultural Center in Salamanca NY. I chose lipstick as the medium for this piece because lipstick is a symbol of femininism and this piece and the topic surrounding this movement is very feminine. Indigenous women are of the top 40% of human/sex trafficking. For more information go to-

Below are some of the digital art pieces I have done, my digital museum of sorts.

Corn husk doll created in 2022 and donated to raise money for “The Silver Lining for Pitbulls” through the organiztion “Pawtographs For Pooches” Her name is Zoe named in memory after my late rescue saintbernard.

My Books

This book is for the beginner witch! This intro-based book covers a wide range of metaphysical and paranormal topics like Psychic abilities, Reiki, Astral travel, Deities, Spells,  Paranormal investigations, and much more! 

Be sure to join the Private Facebook group after you purchase the book. The group is for readers only and is a good space to discuss, give feed back, get updates, learn and ask questions about the book!

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Can be found at local stores such as

  • Good for the Spirit Gifts – 11 Martha St. Ellicotville, NY
  • Tree of Life – 1771 Foote Ave. Jamestown, NY

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Ordering a signed copy from me is $25.00 and can only be done when the books are in stock! I can accept Venmo or Paypal.

**Please note that if you order from Amazon or LULU shipping is out of my control, if you are experiencing issues regarding your order in anyway from these companies please contact them to have it corrected. If you order a book directly from me (when books are in stock) I can provide tracking info and replace a book at the cost of shipping that arrives significantly damaged (Water logged, Torn pages, Torn cover all count as significant damage, bent edges or minor creases do not)

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Sleeping Zombie Fox Sticker
by Design_by_Kaycee

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About Me

I am an Author, artist, speaker and cultural bearer but also the founder & lead investigator of The Supernatural Psychic Investigators, event host and tour guide, talk show host of “Cauldron Talk with Kaycee Colburn” Look for my new show Project EMF K-9 on youtube, I am the Founder of Gardens for Ghosts a donation-based program where I create and donate gardens for haunted locations.
I have appeared as a reenactment actress on two episodes of the new TV series Death Walker, on an episode of the show “Within These walls” on VidiSpace, on a live stream investigation with Buffalo Niagara Paranormal for a trial of my Astral Projection Experiment, Buffalo Niagara paranormal’s new show “The Awakened Talk Show” on Paranormal warehouse, on a live stream with Alfred state paranormal club for their online para-con and on Paranormal Buzz Radio “Shea’s Paranormal Chat”, along with my own talk show “Cauldron Talk with Kaycee Colburn” on I have also appeared on an episode of “The Grave Talks” with Tony Brueski. I have also volunteered as an Animal Talent finder for an Upcoming paranormal documentary where her own two cats “Jinx” and “Franklin” were also selected to play a role.

My team and I have been to many haunted locations in Western NY and the surrounding areas conducting paranormal investigations. I volunteered at many locations for public investigations as a hostess and or tour guide, including the Dunkirk Lighthouse, Wildwood Sanitarium and the Hinsdale House during the Para-Season.
I have always had abilities and ive worked with them from a really early age. The first ability to surface was the ability to communicate with animals, when I communicated at two years old with a small house sparrow and had the sparrow visit with me in the kitchen of my home.
I believe I can never stop learning and im eager to do so, in 2019 I earned a certificate for Reiki Master and in 2018 I studdied mediumship under The Lady of the Lake, in Fredonia NY with Patty Valentine, towards the end of 2019 I started an apprenticeship under Brian J. Cano of “Paranormal Caught On Camera” learning many things involving the paranormal and parapsychology. I also studied Shamanism under the late “Coyote” Chris Sutton of the tribe.
Some of my other para-projects include “Apex” my astral projection experiment, “EMF K9” a blending of two of my favorite fields (dog training and the paranormal) and Finding “EMF Markers” an experiment that gives more information on what is and is not a false positive EMF reading.
My background includes years of working in the Animal field where I hold certificates for “Dog training” and “Wildlife and Forestry” along with several FEMA certificates for emergency animal rescue. I have worked at a local Humane society, Vet Office, Groomers and as a Dog trainer under my own business “AniPaws”, I was a Canine good citizen evaluator for the AKC and a member of the APDT. I also volunteered for local rescues, a wild life sanctuary and has helped with a local TnR program where I rescued well over 50 stray cats on my own. As a tribute to my love of animals, I successfully pettitioned the city for a local dog park for Jamestown NY. Check out my new podcast on anchor where I talk about animal related topics.
I love to give back to the community and thats why I co-hosted a paranormal/ Psychic Expo with Daniel Klaes at the Crystal Ballroom of the Hotel Jamestown of which all of the proceeds went towards the restoration of the infamous Haunted Hinsdale House , a location where I had my first formal investigation. Recently (2022) I made and donated a cornhusk doll to raise money for The Silver Lining for Pit Bulls a rescue that helps pitbulls and other dogs in need that would be otherwise euthanized by other shelters, this fundraiser was done through an organization called Pawtographs for pooches.

Cauldron Talk with Kaycee Colburn is paranormal talk show that surrounds the shows host Kaycee Colburn and a panel of primarily women, that come together to discuss hot topics and events within the metaphysical and paranormal world. The Panel is referred to as the Circle and each episode will have a different set of guests that are picked perfectly for the discussion topic. The show also features a fun Cackling Witch that will sound should the discussion get heated. Kaycee will end each show with the closing line “Dreadful Dreams” , and A special message to listeners promoting kindness to all including animals. ” Remember my Darlings to always be kind to those around you, including our friends with claws , fangs and fur.”

Paranormal expermiments the short versions!

APEX- Astral Projection Experiment
this expermiment is designed to explore the limits of Astral travel and answer the question can a person astral travel and communicate with a person who is awake with the use of ITC devices such as the SB7 spirit box, this experiment has been conducted once and was successful. Below is a snipet of our experiment. This clip is not edited with filters or anything for distortion, it is cut and trimmed down and some of the audio has been enhanced so that it is loud enough to hear because the Spirit box was very noisy.

A big thank you to the members of Buffalo Niagara Paranormal for helping me with the first APEX Experiment. Follow them on FaceBook @BuffaloNiagaraPS

Project EMF K9 – An experiment geared to training a dog to detect electric magnetic fields (EMF) and set standards for basic behavior for dogs being used in the paranormal field. (Positive reinforcement ONLY) Below is episode 1, more episodes in the making!

EMF Markers- this experiment is geared to learning about and exploring ways of detecting and explaining certain normal and abnormal paterns in the Electric magnetic field.

Crystal Charger- This experiment was created to see if a piezoeelectric type crystal such as quartz or selenite could hold energy being pushed to it with hopes of it holding a charge without the use of any outside form of energy, making it easier for spirits to pull energy from in theory. Below is a link to the video post on Daniel Klaes Facebook.

To learn more about any of these experiments please feel free to reach out to me!

Christopher Tehan


“Deeply influenced by her forefathers, Kay’s work often features a geometric beadwork design to honor her heritage- this not only personalizes her work, but also represents and pays tribute to her Seneca heritage. This artist’s cultural tradition is also apparent in her technique, as she is a master of the type of beadwork!”

Bill Reap

Para-Investigator, Author, Veteran, and Witch

Ann M

“Kaycee Colburn’s artwork is striking and unique, she allowed us to use it on a T-shirt campaign and it has become a favorite with our fans.”

Daniel Klaes- Ghost Finders

TV host/Client