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Kaycee Colburn is an author, artist, speaker, and herbalist. 

Through the Creatives Rebuild New York grant, Colburn is a resident artist for the Jamestown Community College. She provides workshops, lectures, and a positive presence to the staff and student body during her time at the college. As Seneca decendant and a culture bearer, she is passionate about community building, bringing the proper representation of indigenous cultures to the city of Jamestown and the surrounding areas by providing cornhusk, beadwork, and other traditional workshops to local events and schools, and bringing in cultural foods.  Colburn proudly sits on the board of the Fenton History Center, the Gala Committee for the Fenton, the Collections & Exhibitions Committee of the Roger Tory Peterson Institute and on the board of United Way. Colburn has made many friends in the community and surrounding areas and has pieces and exhibitions found in Lockport NY, Salamanca NY, Olean NY, and Jamestown NY. Colburn enjoys working eclectically with both traditional and contemporary mediums and art forms. Colburn is a paranormal enthusiast and aims to bring cultural awareness and proper representation of indigenous peoples to the field as well. She is the Author of a published book A Witchlings Grimoire which covers a wide range of topics from psychic abilities, reiki, herbalism, and of course paranormal investigating!