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This book is for the beginner witch! This intro-based book covers a wide range of metaphysical and paranormal topics like Psychic abilities, Reiki, Astral travel, Deities, Spells, Paranormal investigations, and much more!

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Can be found at local stores such as

  • Good for the Spirit Gifts – 11 Martha St. Ellicotville, NY
  • Tree of Life – 1771 Foote Ave. Jamestown, NY

Order at my Lulu web-store HERE

Or the Kindle version HERE

Ordering a signed copy from me is $25.00 and can only be done when the books are in stock! I can accept Venmo or Paypal.

**Please note that if you order from Amazon or LULU shipping is out of my control, if you are experiencing issues regarding your order in anyway from these companies please contact them to have it corrected. If you order a book directly from me (when books are in stock) I can provide tracking info and replace a book at the cost of shipping that arrives significantly damaged (Water logged, Torn pages, Torn cover all count as significant damage, bent edges or minor creases do not)

Want to order books for your store? Send me a message and I will go over the process with you. (

Below is a collection of kind words from one of the books first readers! Thank you Ann for giving it a read.

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