Cauldron Talk

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Cauldron Talk with Kaycee Colburn is paranormal talk show that surrounds the shows host Kaycee Colburn and a panel of primarily women, that come together to discuss hot topics and events within the metaphysical and paranormal world. The Panel is referred to as the Circle and each episode will have a different set of guests that are picked perfectly for the discussion topic. The show also features a fun Cackling Witch that will sound should the discussion get heated. Kaycee will end each show with the closing line ‚ÄúDreadful Dreams” , and A special message to listeners promoting kindness to all including animals. ” Remember my Darlings to always be kind to those around you, including our friends with claws , fangs and fur.”

The show is aired every Wednesday night at 6:00 pm est. Join me in the chat on Spreaker!
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Our Featured Guests of Season one:
Patti Negri of Ghost Adventures
Alonnie Phoenix Milligan
Of Phoenix Files podcasts
Timothy Shaw of Black Cat Lounge
Megan Deputy of Ghost Finders
Rick Schreck Creator of OuijaZilla
Billie Lindemuth of the Haunted Hinsdale House
Gale Hanby Of House of cups Tarot and more

Thomas Einhiple Of Buffalo Niagara Paranormal
Cryss Marie of Elemental Paranormal
Kimber Lee of Elemental Paranormal

Kat McDonald of Buffalo Niagara Paranormal
Amy Perry Lane of Para-Expeditions

Lilith Dorsey of Lilith Dorsey
Utu Witchdoctor of the Dragon Ritual Drummers
Kristie London of Hold my Sage
Daniel Klaes of The Haunted Hinsdale House
Heather Mattison of Graestone Manor
Conor Hawkins of Statler City Hotel
Laurie Ann Wagatha of Wildwood Sanitarium
Brooke Wagatha of Wildwood Sanitarium

Denise Reynolds of Denise Reynolds
Kelly McCarville of The Realm Walker

Brian J. Cano of Haunted Collector & Paranormal Caught on Camera
Jen Kruse of She Squatchers
Alex Bob of Spectral wolf pack