Gardens for Ghosts

Cultivating positivity since 2020

Gardens for Ghosts

“Sowing Positivity in every Ghostly Garden.”

This is a program where Para enthusiasts and history buffs like you can donate plants, flowers, supplies or money. And each donation will go towards a garden at a registered haunted location.

Donors will also receive special thank you benefits-

Donations valued at $1.00-$10.00

Thank you on social media.

Donations valued at $11.00- $20.00

Thank you on social media and a card.

Donations valued at $21.00-$50.00

Thank you on social media, a card and your name is displayed on a donors  board.

Donations valued at $51.00- $100.00 or more

Thank you on social media, a card, your name is displayed on a planter or bench depending on what  the location has.

What to Donate?: 

Plants: Plants should be perennials, deer resistant, shade and sun tolerant.

Supplies: The supplies can include things like  garden tools, knee cushions, gloves, plant tags, ties, topsoil, mulch and etc.

Money: Every dollar counts and will be used for the gardens on our registered list. 

What qualifies for this program?:

Your haunted location Is a “Commercial Location” –  

-Must be Documented in some way as a Haunted (Paranormal) Location/Exhibit/Museum.

-Must allow for Paranormal research teams to Investigate at your location.

-Must allow  public ghost tours and or public Investigations.

-Must  have a historical background that validates the claims of a haunting.

-Must register for the program with the application we provide.

*Please note that Haunted locations will have to sign up each year for this program.

-No need to wilt! If your location does not qualify, Please keep an eye out for updates, we have some budding ideas of how we can spread positivity to you as well!

Donors can choose what haunted location(s), they want their donation to Benefit from our list of registered locations.

Our list of Registered locations: 

  • The Haunted Hinsdale House 
  • The WildWood Sanitarium 
  • MADISON Seminary
  • The Borden house
  • Rolling hills asylum

Here is our brief disclaimer: 

Gardens for Ghosts is a donation based program for  “commercial”  haunted locations. This means donors can donate supplies, plants and money to our program and we will use the donations for gardens at the haunted locations on our registered list. Through this program we will consult with you for your gardening needs, collect donations, cultivate plants as needed, and plant the garden according to the plan we come up with together. 

We are not responsible for: 

-Complete upkeep of the garden (however we will do periodical check ups), 

-Any upkeep of your property (like Mowing, Cleaning gutters etc.) , 

– Large scale landscaping ( like Terrace Gardens, Ponds, Etc.) 

We can not guarantee (because the program is plant and donation based.) : 

–  Certain types  of plants 

–  The amount of plants

–  A speedy service 

– Plant Health/ Longevity (Because donors can donate plants, we will not have full control of where the flowers come from, how ever we are not going to plant anything that looks unhealthy) 

Our Transparency :  All donations will be used towards the Gardens on our registered list of locations. 

We will use the donations for: 

  • Garden Supplies such as but not limited to- Plants, Garden edgers, Mulch, Top soil, Decor, Planters, Pots, Plant food, Garden tools, Benches.
  • Greenhouse Maintenance  ( this is where the magic happens, we use a greenhouse to grow the beautiful plants for each garden) 
  •  Vehicle Maintenance and Gas reimbursement ( We use a vehicle to transport garden items to each location)  
  •  Travel expenses if applicable ( our gardens grow far and wide and some may require an overnight stay) 

*We Reserve the right to refuse services (Any form of Harassment) and Donations  that do not align with our programs mission (For an example  a “stereo” is a nice donation but it wont grow well in topsoil)

Application for haunted locations 

Haunted location name: 

Owners name: 

Haunted location Address: 

Owners phone number: 

Haunted location phone number: 

Owners Email address: 

My property has (circle all that apply) 

No sun, some sun, lots of sun, varies around the property. 

My property has (circle all that apply) 

(Water table! no water = dry clay soil and lots of water= swampy/ muddy soil.) 

No water,  some water, lots of water, varies around the property. 

I would like the following sizes for plants (circle all that apply) 

3-6 inches,(flowers)

 6-12 inches, 

12-20 inches (shrubs), 


40-60 inches (bushes),

60- 70 inches, 

70 inches + (trees) 

I permit “Gardens for Ghosts” to come on to my property for Gardening purposes. 

Sign here________________.