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Kaycee Colburn is a Psychic, Medium, Witch, Founder & Lead Investigator of The Supernatural Psychic Investigators, An Official Investigator and Host/Tour Guide for the Haunted Hinsdale House, Talk show Host of “Cauldron Talk with Kaycee Colburn” Look for her new show Project EMF K-9 (new episodes coming soon) She is a founder and co-creator of C.O.P.R. (Collective of Paranormal Research) a project that she is working on alongside Daryl Marston, and She is the Founder of Gardens for Ghosts a donation-based program where she creates gardens for registered Haunted Locations. She is also an official tour guide for the Haunted Hinsdale House.
She has appeared on an episode of the show “Within These walls” on VidiSpace, on a live stream investigation with Buffalo Niagara Paranormal for a trial of her Astral Projection Experiment, Buffalo Niagara paranormal’s new show “The Awakened Talk Show” on Paranormal warehouse, on a live stream with Alfred state paranormal club for their online para-con (link at the bottom of this page) and on Paranormal Buzz Radio “Shea’s Paranormal Chat”, along with her own talk show “Cauldron Talk with Kaycee Colburn” on Spreaker.com. Kaycee has also appeared on an episode of “The Grave Talks” with Tony Brueski. (Find this link and more at the bottom of this page)
Kaycee Has volunteered as an Animal Talent finder for an Upcoming paranormal documentary where her own two cats “Jinx” and “Franklin” were also selected to play a role.

Kaycee and her team have been to many locations in Western NY and the surrounding areas conducting paranormal investigations. The team volunteers for public investigations at the Dunkirk Lighthouse during the Para-Season.
Kaycee has always had her abilities and has worked with them from a really early age. The first ability to surface was the ability to communicate with animals, when she communicated at two years old with a small house sparrow and had the sparrow visit with her in the kitchen of her home.
Kaycee feels she can never stop learning and is eager to do so, in 2019 she earned her certificate for Reiki Master and since the start of 2018, she has been taking mediumship classes at Lady of the Lake in Fredonia NY with Patty Valentine, towards the end of 2019 she started an apprenticeship under Brian J. Cano.
She has also began hosting her own classes on astral projection. Some of her other para-projects include “Apex” her astral projection experiment, “EMF K9” a blending of her two favorite fields (dog training and the paranormal) and Finding “EMF Markers” an experiment that gives more information on what is and is not a false positive EMF reading.
Kaycees background includes years of working in the Animal field where she holds certificates for “Dog training” and “Wildlife and Forestry” along with several FEMA certificates for emergency animal rescue. She has worked at a local Humane society, Vet Office, Groomers and as a Dog trainer under her own business “AniPaws”, She was a Canine good citizen evaluator for the AKC and a member of the APDT . Kaycee has also volunteered for local rescues, a Wild life sanctuary and has helped with a local TnR program where she rescued well over 50 stray cats her self. As a tribute to her love of animals, she is currently trying to get a local dog park for Jamestown NY. Check out my new podcast on anchor https://anchor.fm/kaycee-colburn .
Kaycee loves to give back to the paranormal family and in may of 2019 she Co-hosted her first Psychic Expo with Daniel Klaes at the Crystal Ballroom of the Hotel Jamestown of which all of the proceeds went towards the restoration of the infamous Haunted Hinsdale House , a location she enjoys investigating and where she had her first formal investigation. Look for this years Psychic expo at the Crystal Ballroom (Date to be Announced) all proceeds will be split between “The Haunted Hinsdale House” and “Whiskers And Wishes” a local cat rescue.

Kaycee looks forward to helping you with your metaphysical needs.


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