My Roots

When admiring the beautiful flowers of my work it’s important to acknowledge and thank the roots from which they came!

My mother June Jimerson taught me how to do beadwork as she was taught by my great grandmother Cynthia Jimerson. She is a culture bearer and worked to bring our childrens stories to local public schools and teach about our culture in a community that is unfortunately lacking in proper education regarding native cultures and history.

Below is one of her most recent necklace sets that she made to donate to the Fenton History Center for their Roaring 20’s Gala Event 2023.

Below is a hand made beaded necklace my Great Grandma Cynthia Jimerson-Jimerson made for my mom.

below is a corn husk doll bride that my Great Aunt Ella made and gave to my mom

This photo is of the resin and tin used by Christy Pierce for his snow snakes and or mud cats which is a tradtional winter sport. The mud cat seen is one that I won. While this isn’t an art form I would argue that art went into the making of the snakes and sport.

Photo of a painting on a rock by my Uncle Skip

Wampum beads given to me from Richard Hamell in his efforts to return them home. While there is no way for me to know exactly where these came from, wampum beads were and still are used in my families work today! Nyaweh!