Theory one EMF K9

Question- Can a dog be trained to detect EMF?
My hypothesis is yes, dogs can be trained to detect EMF (electromagnetic fields) much like they are trained to detect bombs and diseases. 
Reasons to train a dog to detect EMF – In the para field it is assumed that spirits put off EMF. Theoretically having an EMF K9 can assist you on Investigations by alerting you to EMF fluctuations in the environment and even detecting it at it’s source should it be present in faulty electronics and household wiring.  Having an EMF K9 won’t replace other EMF detecting devices how ever I suspect they can help validate EMF hot spots and help determine false positives like that of a common K2 Meter. 

From a behavior standpoint the dog should be able to pass the Canine good citizen test with ease and not have any anxiety issues. 

For training my theory is to use the same basic principles as scent training. Without the use of olfaction. 
In theory you will need: 
1-A well trained and socialized dog with no anxiety issues.
2- An arsenal of the smelliest tastiest treats for the dog. 
3- an EM Pump  
4- three to six cheap alike stuffed animals or other object to disguise the pump. 

1.Start by placing the EM Pump next to the dog while they eat. Do this to socialize the dog to the pump. And so the dog starts to  associate the energy of the pump to food. 
2. Next place the pump in the center of the room in plain sight send the dog into the room and when the dog approaches the pump say a command and  give treats
3. Then start to hide the pump in the room, start with easy hides at first and repeat the process in the previous step. 
4. Next take a stuffed animal and remove some of the stuffing so that you can put the EM pump inside it.
5. Then set all of the stuffed animals including the one with the pump in a row about 1.5 feet away from each other. Remember which toy has the pump. Bring your dog to the toys and give the command,  when the dog approaches the correct toy with the pump give praise and treats. Next put the stuffed animals in a scattered formation around the room and repeat the process. 
6. Once the dog has learned the command and is detecting the emf quickly expand the area of which you hide the toys and pump and send the dog in with the command,repeat the reward process once the pump is found. 
7. When you feel comfortable with the progress, start to eliminate the food reward by giving only verbal praise. Only accept the behavior when you have given the command.

I recommend that you switch out the disguise of the pump periodically to rule out that the dog is not searching for the size and shape of the toy.  I also recommend that touching or grabbing the object be discouraged and not rewarded, to me this is an undesirable behavior because I do not want the dog to grab or paw at objects in someone else’s house or property and you don’t want them to grab your equipment.  Barking should also be discouraged because it can disrupt other factors of the Investigation such as EVP sessions and cause noise complaints depending on your location and the laws and regulations in the area.

The command can be anything but should be short and an uncommon word.  For this I’m going to use the command word “Detect” because it is short and I do not use it that often in my day to day.  
Please remember that this is just an experimental theory to simply answer the question “Can dogs be trained to detect EMF?” Upon success this experiment  does not in anyway prove that spirit gives off or manipulates EMF, only that a dog can be trained to detect EMF. 

Acceptable Behaviors –
Pointing– the dog stairs at the item or location of the emf.
to get your dog to point treat them as soon as they look at the item.
Sitting– the dog sits next to the item or in front of it.
to get your dog to sit, ask your dog to sit immediately after they find the object then give the treat.

Some possible hiccups-
– if the dog has been raised in an environment with high EMF the dog may be desensitized to it. 
-If the dog learns to listen for the sound of the pump and not feel for the energy. Consider gently plugging the dogs ears with cotton balls or using a white noise machine in the room where the session is taking place. 
-The process may need to be broken down to smaller steps for some dogs.

For best results

  • As with any training be consistent and try to have sessions at least once a day for  10minutes at a time 3-5 times a week. 
  • Make sure the reward has value. 
  • Practice training in multiple locations so that the dog learns to obey the command any where it is asked 
  •  Avoid over using the command  word in your day to day or during the session as this will make the command word go extinct. 

***If the dog is running around your house detecting emf in every appliance and wall socket and is expecting a treat each time. simply ignore the behavior and only give reward and praise when the you give the command for the behavior.

Over the next few weeks I will be conducting these training sessions with my Australian Shepherds  Phoebe, Tolkien, Wicca, Chipi and R2  and documenting the sessions as we go. 

***I reserve the right to host my theories on my website for my own documentation and use. My theories should not be taken as factual evidence or educative in any way, although I do hope they make you think. All of my theories are subject to change. ***