Private Readings $20.00 per hour or Distant (free)
Group Readings $50.00 per hour-Donations welcome
Readings consist of oracle and or tarot cards and I can connect with any spirit that wishes to step forward.

How it works- Either in person or distantly usually through Facebook message, I will meditate on your energy, and draw three or more cards , I then show you the three cards and tell you what the book says about each, I take notes on each card and then intuitively connect the cards,so that they make sense for you. This method is very similar to that of the late Raymond Buckland a high priest of both the Seax-Wica traditions and Gardnerian. I have many tarot and oracle cards to choose from, however typically I will use my “Wild Unknown” Tarot and animal spirit decks.

Things to keep in mind-
– I cannot force spirit to communicate.
– I have modernized my craft and so there will not be any big theatrics during my readings.
– All Mediums have there own way of conducting readings, please try not to compare me to others.
– Skeptics welcome but please bring an open-mind.
– Should I fail to provide validation or communicate to spirit during a reading, please dont be discouraged, give spirit a second chance to come through during another reading, and it doesn’t have to be with me.

Things to know when receiving an Oracle and Tarot card reading.

Oracle decks have no set number of cards while Tarot typically has 78 cards, however there are some decks that vary in size. There are many different spreads or card layouts the reader may use for the reading , usually ranging from 3 cards to 10 cards. Most Tarot decks follow the Rider-Waite theme and Oracle decks do not have a common theme. Oracle cards give a greater sense of what is going on, and tarot cards give a more detailed insight. 
“Oracle cards are like the whole painting while Tarot cards are like the paint and brushstrokes that goes into the entire piece.”- Kaycee Colburn 
Neither deck is greater than the other, both are useful and can bring clarity and validation . The reader will usually choose the deck that he or she feels most drawn to for each individual reading. Each deck of cards can be unique in its own way with varying images and card meanings. The reader does not have to be Psychic or medium to read tarot or oracle cards, though developing your intuition does help when interpreting them. 
When receiving a reading keep in mind that the reader is likely not a mind reader and is reading the cards, sometimes with the aid from spirit, they do not have control of who will step forward with message and they do not have control of what the cards will reveal. If something does not make sense don’t get discouraged, take time to think about the reading and what was said and most likely you will find where, in your life it makes sense.. it could be days , weeks, months or years before you understand why you received the message you received. it is also possible that in busy rooms that the reader picked up on someone else’s messages.
Every psychic is different , they will each have their own way of receiving and giving messages from spirit, they will each have their own terms that they use for certain things like some may replace the word spirit with universe , source , angels, guides and energy. Psychic mediums communicate with spirits through abilities that are referred to as the claires. They can possess more than one clair ability. The main claires are clairsentience( clear feeling) , clairvoyance(clear seeing) , clairaudience(clear hearing) , or claircognizance (clear knowing). The less common mode of communication of the claires are clairgustance( clear taste) and clairolfaction (clear smell). 
For the best chance to receive a Valid message go into the reading with open mindedness , open heart and acceptance. You may ask your family members , angels and spirit guides to step forward for the reading to help you understand the messages more clearly and that you may also receive healing , guidance , validation , clarity and closure. Lastly the two scariest cards in the deck for most people are death and the devil , death does not always mean death it could mean new beginnings and the devil does not always mean something evil it can and generally represents desire and being over indulgent. 
Thanks for reading I hope this gave a little more insight about what to expect from a reading and the reader. 
Blessed be! 
Kaycee Colburn Psychic Medium

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