(I only charge for time not the actual service)  
Private Readings $20.00 per hour or

Distant readings (free) donations welcome. Currently only on special occasions please follow me on Facebook to keep an eye out for them!

Group Readings $50.00 per hour. Donations welcome

Readings consist of oracle and or tarot cards and I can connect with any spirit that wishes to step forward. I can not guarantee spirit communication but as a sitter you will still recieve a card reading.

Unique readings available for $5.00 more when you purchase a reading. Can include pendulum, rune stone and I Ching readings
And palm readings if in person!

Blessings Free-Donations welcome
Blessings can be for people , pets and places.

Cleansings Free-Donations welcome
Cleansings can be done on a location or on a person, with the use of smudging and Reiki.

Healings $20.00 per hour
or Distant (free)
Healings  I am a Reiki Master/ Teacher and I can perform healings on People , Pets and situations.

Commercial Investigations Free- donations welcome.
Private Investigations Free- donations welcome
Investigations are conducted at a location to try to determine if that location has paranormal activity or if it is happening organically. 

Public Investigation at The Hinsdale House Tours starting at $20.00

Go to to book my public tours at The Hinsdale House. (During Para-season August- November )

3 hour Investigations $40.00 per person

Day tours/flashlight tours $20.00 per person

Incantations $10.00 each
I offer personalized incantations  for your daily needs. This is a spell and an ingredient list only!

Incantations with ingredients $25+ plus S/H

Why so much more ? I have to not only personalize a spell but also gather the necessary items and ingredients for it as well and send it to you. Because these are personalized I don’t keep stock of the items!

I will not over sell or upcharge for the items they will be sold at cost. Items can not be returned or exchanged. No refunds.

For spells to work it has to be YOUR intention that guides it, like a hammer and nail if you don’t know how to use it, it either won’t work at all, not work like you wanted or cause a lot more damage than you started out with. It has to be your intention because I can not want something bad enough for you for it to work, only you can do that!

Classes starting at $20.00
(not currently available)
Classes I will be offering classes for  Reiki 1 and 2, Astral projection , Para- investigation basics and more to come.

****A travel fee of $0.55 a mile will apply if you are outside the Jamestown NY and immediate area or outside a 15 mile radius from Jamestown NY.
****I will require that you sign a waiver before receiving any of my services.