(I only charge for time not the actual service)  
Private Readings $20.00 per hour or Distant (free)
Group Readings $50.00 per hour-Donations welcome
Readings consist of oracle and or tarot cards and I can connect with any spirit that wishes to step forward.

Blessings Free-Donations welcome
Blessings can be for people , pets and places.

Cleansings Free-Donations welcome
Cleansings can be done on a location or on a person, with the use of smudging and Reiki.

Healings $20.00 per hour
or Distant (free)
Healings  I am a Reiki Master/ Teacher and I can perform healings on People , Pets and situations.

Commercial Investigations $40.00 per night
Private Investigations Free- donations welcome
Investigations are conducted at a location to try to determine if that location has paranormal activity or if it is happening organically. 

Public Investigation Tours starting at $20.00

Incantations $10.00 each
I offer personalized incantations  for your daily needs

Classes starting at $20.00

Classes I will be offering classes for  Reiki 1 and 2, Astral projection , Para- investigation basics and more to come.

****A travel fee of $0.55 a mile will apply if you are outside the Jamestown NY and immediate area or outside or a 15 mile radius from Jamestown NY.
****I will require that you sign a waiver before receiving any of my services.