The Bead Master

The medicine wheel

Nya:Weh Sge:no
I am seneca, wolf clan. my mother June Jimerson taught me how to bead, a tradition passed down to her from her grandmother Cynthia Jimerson and her aunts Dee, Ruth and Ella Jimerson. I thought of the name “The Bead Master” not because of ego but because I’m a nerd and it reminds me of The Beast Master.

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All orders are priced per piece because no piece is the same as the last and they are made to order. these pieces are all hand made- not done on a loom. the price covers the time and cost of materials. please note that orders can take a while to complete, payment is required upon finishing the order and before I ship it out. All orders will have an additional shipping and handling fee. ***Purple beads are hard to find and will increase the price of the piece *** materials can include string, wax, bead needles, Glass seed beads, findings, felt, faux leather, charms, fancy beads, shells and gemstones.

Below is a gallery of some of my work.