Waiver for services

Waiver for spiritual services 

Services Include Card readings, Blessings, Cleansings, Reiki Healing, Paranormal Investigations, Classes and Personalized Incantations . At no time should any of these services be taken as legal, financial, medical or marital advice or be used in replace of their respective professionals. I will only offer what I have seen, felt, heard and read. How you interpret my findings and what you do with the information is solely your own discretion. Due to the essence of my work ,  I do not guarantee results for any of my services. I am only one component to the out come of any of these services. I can not force spirit to communicate, I can not heal what is not ready to be healed , I can not and will not fabricate evidence on an investigation or fabricate information during a reading and lastly I can not open your mind to the unknown you have to choose to believe for yourself. All Payments are nonrefundable! I only charge for time, all payments are due at the time of the service, you will not receive any of my services until all dues have been paid. 

I ________________________________ agree that Kaycee Colburn  is not responsible in any way, for how I interpret or use the information and services she provides. I will not use her  services as a replacement for professional help such as but not limited to doctors, accountants, lawyers and marriage counselors.  I understand and accept that she can not guarantee the results of any of her services. I understand and accept that all payments are nonrefundable. 

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